Penis Diapers Are All The Rage…

…Well not really. The fake new product featured on Adweek is a really small diaper for the tip of the penis to prevent spotting. I though this could be prevented by shaking the penis after peeing…but I guess not.

Even though it’s not a real product and people probably wouldn’t buy it, the infomercial for it is hilarious. I can’t get enough of these tiny penis diapers.

There’s really no need to say more, just check out the video and have a laugh. Let me know what you think. Guys – do you think need something like the tiny diapers?



Image courtesy of Adweek


July 26th Can’t Come Any Faster (For AT&T Users)

July 26th Can’t Come Any Faster (For AT&T Users)

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 1.16.18 PM


I’m super excited for AT&T’s NEXT program where you are able to upgrade your phone every year, if you wanted to. I’ve been waiting so long to get rid of my Galaxy S2 since it doesn’t want to send text messages or make phone calls, forcing me to constantly turn it off and on just to make it work. Mashable breaks it down for you, but check out the link for more information.

According to Laptop, Verizon is expected to release its new upgrade plan this week, so we’ll see if it can beat out AT&T and T-Mobile. Will Sprint jump on the bandwagon?

Let me know your thoughts.

[No] Hair Affair with Dove and Glamour

So like many people, I read the word on Twitter that Dove and Glamour were giving complimentary washes and styles in NYC from 12-8pm. So my colleague and I headed down there to check it out.  It was a great idea, but when we got there, we found out there was already a wait list (at 2pm), so we bounced. Really that quick? Where did these people sign up ahead of time? But I took pictures just for the heck of it.

Instead we walked around to Jack’s World – our favorite cheap store and behold, we found the Conde Nast building. I am a huge fan of Glamour magazine and have always wanted to work for them, so I was happy to see the Conde Nast building. [Even though I probably will never work for them] But a girl can dream…

2013-07-11 14.22.17



Instagram to Printstagram

We all know that many of the social media platforms we are using today will most likely be gone within the next five years. So what are we to do with all the digital albums or photo rolls we have stored on our social media accounts? We hardly print our photos, but if there’s a creative, personal and [cute] way to print them, I’m sure we’d all love the idea.

And that idea is Printstagram. It is a photo-sharing app, but you can print your photos into some cool products such as a calendar, gift cards, posters and more. I like the concept and the site has reasonable prices. If I took 365 pictures on Instagram, I would print them on a calendar or a mini book, or a poster… So hard to choose!

I always enjoy looking back at old photos and what better way to share it with others than with Printstatgram? The big plus – you get keep them with you for a very very long time. Dare I say “new age photo album?”

Images courtesy of Printstagram